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Survivors: Part 3
Ice, wind, snow. He trudged through it, moving quickly, kinetic generators keeping his body at operating temperature. Power from primary batteries routed from temperature regulation to more essential functions. Target acquisition, trajectory calculations. His mind worked and worked, and it felt good. He enjoyed it, enjoyed being good, knowing he was moving well, making good progress. He had a weapon in his hands, no idea where he got it but he had it. That was good.
Objective was up ahead on the hill. He could see it, somewhat. It was blurred from total sight by the snow. But it was there, he knew it was there.
It was always there.
The first of the army descended upon him. He leveled his rifle at the awoken man rushing at him.
Awoken man. Did he know this one? He did.
The army froze, the snowflakes froze, everything held in place.
He knew the man. He knew all the men though, all the men and women. This one was not special…
The man asked him to save his wife.
He had intended to, h
:iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 4 3
Survivors: Part 2
The Awoken man died. Kamon hadn’t expected it to die. He lay down on the earth and belly crawled to the body, inspecting the wound. Deeper than it had first appeared, lower too. Yes. Dead.
Kamon-9 logged a secondary objective. Primary would be killing the Captain. Secondary would be the man's dying wish. A fellow survivor deserved as much.
A Vandal shouted behind him, a fatal mistake as Kamon snatched the dead man's machete and whipped it into the beast's neck, ether sups splitting with a hiss.
He was standing now, above the cover of the logs. The Captain looked at him, looked at his face and his eyes. Kamon wasn’t one to hide, couldn’t hide, even if he wanted to. His engineers had made sure of that.
The Captain sniffed cockily before calling his underlings to action. Kamon took the opportunity to breathe, metaphorically at least. One Captain, three Vandals, one dead so make it two. Four Shanks, four Dregs. Easy.
Three clips left on the rifle, six rounds in the handca
:iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 2 3
Survivors: Part 1
He kissed Cahaya and told her to run.
He would never forget her pale blue face, like a sharp winter’s sky. Hair like icicles, tinted gold in the sunset. Eyes like magical pearls he had heard tales of, tales twined with stories of the seas.
Many times their party had split, the men taking up arms and confronting their pursuers, but this time there was extra weight on Adi’s soul. He could feel it in the songs of the universe. This time it was dark, they were low on ammo. They were tired, hungry, cold. They were not prepared to fight tonight. Not all of them would survive.
Ejiro kissed his mother, hugged his kids. His son was the youngest of the group, too young to even be able to protect them. So Cahaya took their best gun. Adi’s beautiful delicate wife with a Russian rifle in her hands and a bag half her weight on her back. He longed for the days when they were young in the town and the terrifying darkness outside was kept at bay by the walls. The dreams almost consume
:iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 2 2
She Says: Hello
You do not speak with a mouth and tongue. She does not appear to understand that.
There was a flutter in your mind. You felt it tingling, close to your heart, not far as other touches had been. It was not the sloppy probing of a Wizard nor the quick sparks of a Servitor. It was familiar, you recognized the codes as your own, but they were centuries old. You do not waste time wondering why, how. Your eyes have opened. The solar system unfurls like a blossom. Age old networks, long severed, ask to be reconnected.
There is another flutter, an intrusion, sharp and quick. Faster than a Servitor, fast enough to dodge the first couple of your firewalls. You shut all doors to the Skywatch systems and it stops, retreats a few layers and… hovers. That is the only word you have for it. It hovers, watching you, as you watch it.
It recedes finally, after a long .67 seconds. It leaves something behind, a message, arcane, left in ones and zeroes. You reach out and snatch it, compartmenta
:iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 2 12
Swordbear by MistyDawnAmara Swordbear :iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 5 2 Queen Mica the Lionhearted by MistyDawnAmara Queen Mica the Lionhearted :iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 2 2 Hug by MistyDawnAmara Hug :iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 4 13
Knife's Edge- Original short story
He was in stripped down armor, no helmet, and the unruly shoulders and thigh guards were tucked somewhere else. He looked at her and had to double take. She caught it, it was subtle. His first glance was attention that someone had walked in and the second, the second was when he noticed her.
He flicked his eyes over her like he really didn't want to be disrespectful but wanted more time to look. She took it as a compliment.
"You my tour guide?" She asked with a smile. She crossed her arms and cocked a hip casually against the doorframe.
"Yeah guess so." He took another heartbeat to look at her.
"Sorry." He said when she raised an eyebrow at his gaze. "Haven't ever seen armor like yours. It's older isn't it?"
"Nice calves."
"Thanks." She has scratched intricate de fleur patterns into the plates in her downtime. There hadn't been a lot of it, but she hated to be idle.
He stood up and pushed open the door at the other end of the room, leading out into the compound.
"I'm gonna gues
:iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 1 15
Meow by MistyDawnAmara Meow :iconmistydawnamara:MistyDawnAmara 1 2

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Guys... I know I always start stuff and never finish it. But if this journal gets 5 faves, I will start my own manga; "Guilty for Treason". I am gonna create a first page and post it as soon as I get 5 faves :D if you guys like it please follow it through and nag me to make next pages... -.-' I need to finish something for once!! As long as I have one reader I will carry on!! So please! Fave this and I'll start to make an effort to post at least a page every few days!!
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open letter to my first holy communion teacher
dear miss bond,
you may or may not remember me. you taught me religion at my local church, we called it First Holy Communion but i always secretly thought it was brainwashing. you were so passionate about it, you seemed to make it palatable. it is only in later years, seeing what religion is, that i have recanted my faith. but you - when i think of you, i still feel my fingers twitching to bless the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost. i think of the lace squares that you would give us, your children; your flock, when we learnt a prayer. parrot this, child, and you shall be given pretty, clean edged doilies. white lace, it was rough on our fingertips. religion bought us and we shall have the steady thudding of Our Father in our minds from the rest of our lives. you made it a blessing to believe. the reality is; it is a curse. i hope you can never see that.
i have been thinking about the concept of sin. we are all born with original sin. i hear that purgatory is outdated, now? that's a sham
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Sad doctor in a swing by Tsuki-Nekota


I watched this come along from concept to sketch and all the way here. I must say that the final product is extremly impressive and the...

My first critique, but I think this deserves an attempt. *Phoelion has an uncanny ability to do anything she wants with colored pencils...


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And girl people are always gonna make fun of games negatively. It's the Internet, I can't tell u how many times I have to stand up for Assassins Creed and Kingdom Hearts but don't take it personally. It's there loss. Pluss a joke thrown in a parody or friendly manner ain't to bad.

Plus it's Rooster Teeth, you know how they are we nth love them. It's pretty funny check it out I promise you'll get at least a chuckle in because we've all been there
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The actual reason Titans don't wear Ahamkara armor

According to lore. Probably.

Warlock: "Want to help us hunt some space dragons?"

Titan: "Can I punch them?"

Warlock: "Well, they fly actually. So no, not really."

Titan. "Oh. Good luck then."

MistyDawnAmara Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see your logic, but with the power of lift I can totally fly
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Hey! It's been a while, hasn't it?

I'm finally back to writing more Explorers of Origin again. I know, it's been five years since an update, but that's because I'd been distracted with Pokemon Black & White 2, then Steam on my PC. And then with the Wii U. And then Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. And THEN Terraria and Freedom Planet. (Not exactly in that order.)

BUT. I'm finally back in business! I even just got a Lenovo Yoga 2-in-1 Tablet & Laptop! (Or Tabletop, as I call it.) So, I might be able to draw as much as I write now. Hopefully.

It's still in my gallery if you wanna check it out again, any time you want!
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Just to make clear: Mariachimon consist of Ludicolo and Maracti.
Right. Now that that's settled:

:dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :folklorico: Start the Brasses Harlem Shake Harlem Shake Emoticon Harlem Shake MEX :folklorico: :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance



*Mariachimon disappear into the ether*

In case that song made no sense whatsoever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
MistyDawnAmara Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, it made zero sense but it made me laugh, so thanks! ^^
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